Great brand experience starts inside the organisation. Just ask Starbucks.

In the book Brand Promise by Duane E. Knapp, retired Starbucks CEO Orin Smith explains that Starbuck’s guiding purpose was instrumental in driving their shift back to market and financial success. He explains that Starbucks had long been guided by a promise, known internally as their ‘purpose.’ Their purpose was to provide customers with an uplifting experience that enriched their lives, in other words, The Unique Starbuck’s Experience.

He goes on to say that the consistent fulfilment of the purpose was the essence of the Starbuck’s brand, and the reason for their customers’ loyalty and strong emotional connection to the brand.

Brand strategy is not only about the product or service, but it threads itself through the entire organisation. Great brands create an authentic (and positively memorable) brand experience from within the organisation, right through to the end customer. This is the result of consciously building a culture within the organisation that’s aligned to the brand promise and one that constantly reinforces it.

Everyone in the organisation, from the CEO down through all employee levels should be aware of, believe in and share the common purpose in order to become fervent brand champions. It provides the critical direction and inspiration that motivates the team to be passionate and committed enough to achieve the Big Hairy Audacious Goal through all the challenges and potential adversities.

A client that attended a Brand DNA workshop that I ran for her social enterprise said…

“I found the Brand DNA session to be an extremely engaging and fast-paced process that produced a great result with what felt like minimal effort. Thank you for assisting us to cut to the core of what is important.”
Karen Gillum – Community Waikato


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